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Insomnia-fuelled cringe-worthy craziness meets ‘Sound of Music’

Insomnia-fuelled cringe-worthy craziness meets ‘Sound of Music’

Last night was one of those  nights. You know the kind – when a rooster in the suburbs, Maria from The Sound of Music, feelings of impending anxiety, and silly rhyming couplets somehow make a sensible combination. That kind of night.

Unrelenting heat and a thirty-two week cumbersome pregnant belly is not a combination that lends itself to a good night’s sleep. I do not cope well with sleep deprivation. At all. On any level. What I find to be most unsettling is that it has the potential to trigger anxiety. Which is all very well when you can take a delightful little pill for anxiety. I can’t right now, for obvious reasons.

Last night I tried meditation. I tried quenching my thirst with a few sips of an isotonic drink. I tried reading. I was still awake when the bloody rooster that someone introduced to our neighbourhood started crowing. At bloody four o’clock in the morning. (I will find that rooster. And I won’t hurt it. I’ll simply introduce it to our cat. Who’s very friendly. And an adept hunter. )

really hope I’m not alone in this, but my thoughts start going in all sorts of crazy directions when sleep evades me in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes I dream up creative projects. Sometimes I start planning home renovations. Sometimes I compose silly little rhymes. Last night was one such occasion.

For full dramatic effect, you need to sing these lyrics to the tune of ‘My Favorite Things’ from A Sound of Music. Because insomnia makes your creativity meet your crazy in a place that you seldom want to revisit come the morning.

I’m feeling anxious but no meds for tension

Going a bit crazy from sleep deprivation

Lots of ‘to do’ lists followed by nothings

These are a few of my frustrating things.


When the cock crows, when the pain stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my frustrating things

Then I really feel quite mad.

Somehow, I don’t think I have a calling to be a songwriter. Or a singer.

Am I alone, or do other people also have weird and wonderful thoughts in a hazy insomnia-induced state???000 blog signature