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Grilled cheese leads to better relationships

Grilled cheese leads to better relationships

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? I dare say that even those of you who are lactose intolerant will be sorely tempted. (Although ‘sorely’ might be an unfortunate choice of adjective in those instances…) In the modern world where technology is impeding, rather than fostering, quality social interaction and meaningful relationships, grilled cheese just may be the answer. Hear me out…

In my previous post I reflected on the modern trend of choosing to be stressed and strung out. Part of this phenomenon, I believe, is choosing to adopt the mindset and subscribe to the idea that there is seldom sufficient time to make headway on ever-lengthening To Do lists. Some of this is due to poor time management, but largely it can be attributed to how we choose to prioritize our time.

When we choose to be ‘too busy’ we are choosing to neglect our relationships. Take, for example, teachers who assume that any social engagements have to wait for the school holidays. Or friends who live in close proximity who seldom see each other. It’s just nonsense. Honestly, where are our priorities?

The solution? Yip, you guessed it: grilled cheese.

Social occasions need not involve extensive planning and preparation. Friends do not expect a table setting worthy of Pinterest accompanied by an equally elaborate menu (unless you’ve set that precedent, in which case you should kick yourself – hard). It’s the time you spend together that is important. Needless to say, I’m referring to quality time, not a case of we’ll-be-in-the-same-room-but-stare-at-our-phones. True friends probably wouldn’t mind in the least if you spontaneously invited them over, even if all you could offer was a grilled cheese sandwich. They’d probably love it, not because they’re dairy obsessed (guilty as charged) but because it’s about friends spending time together.  Which, going back to my earlier point, is a great antidote for all the stress and busy-ness of today’s world.

As soon as you lose the idea that everything has to be planned, has to be an event, you will find the time to invest in your friendships and relationships. Importantly, your life will be more balanced and enriched as a result.

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Stop Hiding in That Forest

Stop Hiding in That Forest

12. Pooh quoteI love the wisdom that is inherent in these words by Winnie the Pooh. So often in life we wait for others to show initiative, to reach out, to show support. This quote reminds us that we have to do these things ourselves in order to enjoy meaningful friendships and relationships.

It’s so easy to fall into the habit of staying in our own corner of the forest. This is problematic for two reasons. Firstly, we send out the message to others, often subconsciously, that we want to be alone, that we don’t want to interact with others. Even is this isn’t true, even if we’re yearning to be in others’ company, we nevertheless can send out this obstructive message if we simply stay in our corner without approaching others. We need to make a conscious effort to widen our corners of the forest, our worlds, and remain approachable.

Secondly, hiding away in our corners can prevent us from seeing that others are also alone and are waiting for us to reach out to them. Friendships need to be give and take. Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by our own circumstances that we forget to appreciate what others are enduring. Keeping a sense of perspective and being considerate are invaluable qualities we should all strive to develop.

So don’t stay in your corner of the forest. Step out onto that path and reach out to the significant others in your life. Show initiative, reach out, show support. Your relationships will be so much more enriching if you provide support and enjoy the reciprocal friendship.